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Lineol until 1945:

The Lineol corporation was founded in 1906 by Oskar Wilhelm Wiederholz. Since 1903 he developed the necessary mass, which contains also linseed oil and resin in contrast to mass of the competitor Elastolin. Jointly responsible for the success of Lineol was the Berlin artist Alber Caasmann who sketched the presentations of the figures from wax.

He became later under Wiederholz a leader of the figure production. In the 1930s the LINEOL AG occupied from 300 to 400 employees.A high level of detail of the figures was responsible for the quick success of the figures. Beside the mass figures produced LINEOL qualitatively high-quality metal toys. The figures were available in different graduations or dimensions (from 17 cm to 4 cm) and to themselves about the years the figure dimensions of 7.5 cm put through.

The mass figures of Lineol are to be distinguished by rectangular bases easily from the figures of the company Hausser (trade name Elastolin).

Lineol after 1945:

After the second world war the enterprise took up the production quickly again, because the production plants were hardly damaged. Because Lineol belonged to the Soviet occupied zone, it was converted into a state-owned company. From 1957 trading company produced now under Lineol VEB plastic up to setting of the production 1963 toys soldiers of the NVA in Dresden.

Since 1985 the company LINEOL DUSCHA owns the brand rights for Lineol and produces figures from the assortment before 1945. Beside the old figure models the company also develops new model and metal vehicles. Today the figures exist of a hose downpour plastic with a yellowish-brown colouring.